A rather   Interesting  question.
It is a fact that we all know that many Jews are in the business world. Yet, there are many other  activities.

There are many reasons for this situation. But you have to be a believer in Jewish studies and traditions to appreciate the rational.
Indeed, there are several sayings that encourage that direction, the first of which is a passage from the Talmud that comes to my mind is: " you shall not rely on another man to provide for your well being".
In other words, if I am not to rely on someone else, I may rely on myself. And how so? By being my own boss so I will not wait nor count on someone else to feed me.

I an sure people will go search where the saying I brought above is to be found and it will not be found exactly the way I put it, but somehow it will be almost the same.

As everyone did, you also heard that when you get up there, "someone" will ask you few questions, something like : 'Did you believe in God? Did you observe all the rituals?
However, according to Jewish tradition it will be rather: " Did  you conduct your business affairs correctly"?

What does this mean?
That God knew you were in business and wishes you to confirm to him how you acted.
Is this an important question?
It is in as much as God wishes to know if you have been honest in your dealings, for honesty is a capital quality by which man must live. And if you forgot about it while alive, today, up here, you need to account for it.

Remember the warnings about weights and measures! Never tip on your scale to increase the weight to charge more your customer. It is an outstanding lesson for the well being of human kind. All this will make you a good person for the benefit of the community.

I insist  that all I say is irrelevant whether you are or not religious. A behavior, good or bad affects your life. Only you have the chance to choose the way.

Indeed, Jews are in business and many of them are very successful , so much so that others envy them. Sadly, these others either have no education or are lazy, preferring the government to come to their help. Is there any .
Luckily we do see that many of these big business Jews are not only good for their own people but also help at large in sponsoring various foundations, the Art, the Science, the Health, the Education, all receive generous donations. And most people do not realize that Jews were behind such endeavors.

Yet, if you look around the United States, many cities have buildings named after Jewish donors. And as Jews we are proud of that. Maybe in the long run, it will give us a little recognition, acknowledgement, appreciation. It does not hurt anyone.

The shocker today is that most kids refuse to take over their dad’s business as their priorities have changed. The kid would rather be a doctor or a lawyer than take over a business he does not like, forgetting that it is that business that paid for his studies and made him who he is today.

A generation goes and a generation  comes. Luckily, the Sun will always stand.