Music has an davantage over every other discipline.
It has no language and no boundaries. Music is a universal langage, It unites the people

What better way to express oneself than in music? And these expressions go from joy to pain, from victory to defeat, from love of life to the loss of a dear friend.
Yes, music has a beauty all its own.
And talking about beauty brings this word from Yehudi Menuhin:
"Ever since I can remember, have tried to relate the beauty of great music to the harmony of life"

I remember my days in boarding school when we had classical music before going to bed as well as wake up.
We were fed classical music more than out stomach could digest.
At night, it enabled us to sleep calmly and in the morning, It transported us to a better day.

It has been my feeling that Music converts people to be kind and I am sure that Kindness has been described in many ways. It is the poetry of the heart, the music of the world

And who wouldn't enjoy a little candlelight diner, with soft music and dancing? I am sure that you will agree with me that music has been and still is the perfect catalyst in forming couples who marry and spend their life remembering that musical piece they heard when they met.

It was good old Charlie Parker who said that Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.

Today,people associate a music they like to a particular singer, and no doubt the name almost most famous is John Lennon because of his message of love

We must recognize that the first music was the classical one that has no words it is only later that singers have added lyrics, words, phrases, poetry to the music of the time. And thus we went from opera to Rock n Roll

And since we are speaking of opera, there is this sentence so rich in sense, by no one else but Giacomo Pucini:
''The music of this opera ( Madame Butterfly) has been dictated to me by God, I have only been instrumental in putting it on paper and communicating it to the public

And as for Rock n Roll, we can say that the sixties have drowned its youth, making its generation adore that music to these days