IT IS THE END of the world?

You may think I am talking about the end of the world, well I say it is the end of the world as we know it.

Just look around you.
Take the example of France.
Journalists have been roaming around the country asking French people the same questions.
The answer they received were the same whether it was Paris, Marseille, Nice or Toulouse: ''we do not recognize our country, it is not the France we were born in''.
I now wonder if we can do the same exercise in other European countries to discover how people feel.

Yes, it is the end and the governments of the world do not seem to realize it.

Islam is just about to take the world over and no one sees it happening.

It started many many years before the Islamic State, when Islam and all its supporters realized it is time, for the Moslems to rule the world and impose what the Coran tells them to do.

Since after WWII, when European countries needed cheap manpower to rebuild their states, they turned to Moslem countries and imported their people. They did not think that 50, 60, 70 years later, these people will multiply at a faster pace then the locals, benefiting of all the advantages their country of adoption gave them to become citizens and demand their rights.

To only mention three countries, let us look at France, England and Germany and see where we are today.

France went to their old African colonies, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and invited millions to come to work. They spoke French so it helped.

England went to India and Pakistan and did the same. They spoke English.

Germany went to Turkey. They did not speak German but had a shared history.

It all started with these three european countries and before long, every state in Europe had a Moslem population, ranging in numbers from 1% to 10%.We think that the Moslem population today ranges around 15 million.

These days, we see how Muslim treat Jews in Europe. Killing them, attacking their synagogues and desecrating their cemeteries.
Sadly many of them have no choice but leaving the country where they were born and raised for generations to go elsewhere.

As for America, all one needs to know is that in almost every University in the country, there are Moslem students. These either become professors in these Universities or go back to their country of origin and take up arms against the country that gave them their education

The students form Islamic groups end up promoting their hate for Israel, preventing Israelis from speaking in their Universities.
And who else but the Moslem professors to encourage them in this venue.
And we know by name those who declared war on us.
Yet, the government doesn't see, or rather doesn't want to see.

What was common to all these imports was that they were all Muslims, bringing with them their culture and their Coran. No one realized that their faith was stronger than anything this new world could offer them. They silently did their job, giving birth to more Muslims for in their mind, sooner or later, they will take over.

This reminds me of a word a former Prime Minister of Algeria, named Boumedienne, who said: it is not with rifles or cannons that we will overcome you but by the bellies of our women.

And he was so right.

Today, seeing what the ISIS or DAESH(the Arabic acronym of their name) is doing is shocking the world. The practice of the Sharia, their rule of law, is so contrary to western values that one wonders what is going on. And yet, neither the United Nations, nor any government is taking them seriously to tackle this problem. Seeing this situation, ISIS keeps on knocking and killing. And they are not going to stop.

Their objective remains the same. Let us see who is aimed at by this war that seems to be worldwide, for it is always the western world that has to be bent leading it to its submission.

Let us also see their operating mode: it is always acts corresponding to the sinister Islamic tradition of Djihad, where having no resources to traditional armies, confront other armies with harassing attacks that we encounter daily.

After Charlie Hebdo, the Hypercacher and the Bataclan in Paris, there was San Bernardino in California without forgetting the Brussels- Paris train and many more.

Whoever takes seriously the communications and the texts of the Islamic organizations will acquire pertinent explanations. And he or she will understand the immense gravity in of the problem.

When we realize that their members come from more than fifty countries, it does show you their strength and penetration worldwide. They are on a winning streak with no one to stop them. They know that their success lies on the fact that they have nothing to lose. If we can understand that their faith is stronger than their life, that dying for their God is what motivates them the most, only then will we realize how hard it will be to combat them. Until then, nothing will change.
We must understand their Modus Vivendi ( manner of living):??we have the numbers and the time, if it is not tomorrow, it will be next month, if not next year or in twenty years. The day will come when we will vanquish.

All I am saying is that the indifference of the governments and the people encourage Islamists to go on with their program of conquering the world.
And this is happening while i am writing.

Some say that within twenty years, France will become Muslim. I say before that and not only France but all of Europe.
So we may as well accept the fact and let them be. However, it will be at a cost for they will force us to convert or else.
I can guarantee you that their mind is set on achieving their goal and nothing will stop them.

You are all warned.

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