And now another subject that I am thinking about on this Saturday August 21st 2010

I had a coffee meeting with Jack Cohen from San Diego who was in Montreal at the same time I was there and we arranged to have a little meeting while he was here.
We discussed about Obama, politics and he explained to me the difference between liberals and conservatives.

I think I now understand that liberals are the ones who want to change the world, rock he boat, while the conservatives are satisfied with the status-quo. Which translates today as Democrats being the liberals and socialists while the Republicans are the conservatives.
We discussed a bunch of things, amongst others, that the American Jews, over 95% of them being Ashkenazim, are almost all liberals and they will be the ones who are going to ruin our generation and society.
How could that be?

Well, we need to look at world history and learn from what happened to the Jews.

Let us study the history of the Jewish people and see how many times they have been expulsed from their country of residence.
I will attempt to look at history and identify these places along with the circumstances leading to an expulsion.

To my knowledge and many will not call that an expulsion but a delivery, the exit from Egypt can be regarded under a different eye
If we backtrack to Joseph who was the vice-king to Pharaoh, when his father and eleven brothers joined him in Egypt, I imagine that nepotism exited before him, thus I can imagine him giving top jobs to his family. And here we now have in high positions at every level of government Jews in action. Starting with the first eleven and before long with any more. If the Jews stayed in Egypt 400 years, we can have an idea of how wide was their influence. So much so that when Joseph's pharaoh died, the next one turned to his people telling them what are we to do with these ''cunning people''? I take it that he realized their power and he did not like that.
Many years later, according to the bible, Jews became slaves and needed a savior. Moses filled that role.

If my earlier description of a liberal being someone who rocks the boat, who better than Moses to do so. My point however is that Jews became so powerful that the powers to be, having lost their dominance over their people felt betrayed and had to act by getting rid of them. So the Jews are out of Egypt

We all know that during the kingdoms of David and Solomon, the people of Israel were feared and respected by all other people. They respected their God building for him a temple and in exchange he was good to them. Sadly, this situation did not last long, as the next kings lost all the values their ancestors had and acted in a vile way. Prophets warned them to no avail. Soon enough the king of Babylon came and threw them out of their country, becoming prisoners in his.
I tend to think that their actions must have been so bad to deserve such a punishment. We know they misbehaved, they rejected their God and adored idols, gave polytheism a place where it did not exist. I am sure that the interaction between them must have been unpure

The golden century of Judaism was in Spain during he 12th to the 15th century. Whether under Catholic or Muslim kingdoms, Jews were at the top. They were the doctors and ambassadors, the counselors and the businessmen. Every king had his Jew. Was it not normal to take advantage of this situation ?
I can imagine how with time, Catholics and Muslims would wake up to the fact that Jews have taken control of the country.
Religion, as we will see later became the object of dissension. Jews were to be forbidden certain jobs, all leading to the Inquisition and the expulsion of Jews from Spain.

As long as the Jews lent money to the king with no assurance of getting it back, all was fine for them. Could it be that their attitude, being so different or their skills being so prominent, made them the envy of others to want to get rid of them?
England and France followed the example of Spain and Portugal and expulsed them as well

In the case of this country, expulsion took the form of annihilation. Only the quick thinkers who saw the danger coming succeeded in evading from he country while most everyone else was caught in this sad tragedy that costed the lives of several millions.
Jews in Germany were so sure of themselves, considering themselves Germans
before Jews, that they did not believe what was happening to them. They were the richest, owning businesses and palaces, the smartest scientists and university professors, the best writers and intellectuals. Well all this became too much for the Germans to swallow, so they had to do without them.
We all know what happened.

The minute the state of Israel was born in 1948, The head of the Iraqi government invited all the Jews who lived in he country since times immemorial to leave and go to Israel.
Why did he take that decision?
Was it because Jews being here for so long – let us remember the forced exodus to
Babylon – they became a very strong part of a country that did not belong to them?

The question to ask right here and now is: do we learn from history?
Sadly, no.
No one stopped to ask the question as to why all this always happens to Jews only.
I decided to raise this issue to arrive to our modern days and speak about America.

So let us now look at he United States of America and its Jewish population.
All you have to do is ask around you what people think about Jews. I can guarantee that the answer will be he same: they are rich, they own businesses, many are doctors, lawyers, accountants, all professionals are Jews.
If the question gets deeper, you will hear that they own the medias, Hollywood, sports, TV and on and on.
Is this all true?
Shall I say that I am afraid to say that it is?
So where does this lead us?

America of today is becoming the Germany of yesterday. Jews here again are more American than Jews. Whereas many of them are the descendants of the holocaust survivors, they seem to have forgotten their origins. Maybe they never knew why they were so punished. And no one of them realizes the danger of his indifference.

Wee have a situation today where President Obama has surrounded himself with several Jewish individuals, most more liberals than himself. He made the Jews believe he was on their side by appointing all these men, when in reality, he knew they were only Jews by name. It did not take long for us to find that out. An when we thought they were our best allies, sadly today, even these men are unfavorable to the state of Israel.
They too want to change the world to what they think will be a better one, disregarding any affinity to their immediate kin.
The world is not going very well all over the planet and America is not helping in improving it by participating to wars it had noting to do with. Maybe America should wake up and stop thinking that Arab countries must become democracies and that it is its role to do that on earth . Why can't America concentrate on its borders and do what it good for its people?
I need to admit that this nonsense belongs to both Republicans and Democrats so I will not blame today's administration but rather the state of mind of American politics when it has o do with the outside.


There is a common pattern that took place in each country from which the Jews have been expelled. That country for many years lost its power, its strength on the world agenda. A major one to prove it is Spain. In other words, the Jews not being around, the country just does not function. The Jews may have been and may still be the catalysts in a society
Isn't this happening today in America?
Can we think for a minute that if the Jews are expelled or otherwise obliterated, the USA will cease to be the world leader in any field?

I need to add a new factor to the way our society is developing, and that is the apparition if not the intrusion of the Muslim community in America.
Here again Obama is making it sound much bigger than it is, giving credit to Islam

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