1. Considering that several sacred numbers exist, that it suffices to identify them, to understand and find significance which is for now unknown to us, the intent of this study is too look for this explanation. MOVED TO INTRODUCTION
  2. Since philosophy was lacking in Antiquity, people gave great prominence to numbers for religious observances, the establishment of festival days, dogmas, symbols, even the geographical division of Empires. [SURELY, PHILOSOPHY WAS NOT LACKING IN ANTIQUITY. TO ME RELIGION IS A PHILOSOPHY.] PARTLY MOVED TO INTRODUCTION
  3. The priests of Memphis did say that the science of numbers and the art of will are the keys to magic. They open all the doors of the Universe. Some say that Pythagoras acquired this vision. MOVED TO INTRODUCTION
  4. A simple example, to do violence to a woman is to rape her.
  1. Originally, the word meant brute force against someone. The verb says well: to use violence, this illegitimate physical or moral constraint. And yes, violence is done by force or intimidation. And if we take a closer look, each of us has at some point in our life suffered from violence.
  2. Egyptian priests eventually realized that the flooding season was heralded by the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. Because of this, the Egyptians were very careful to observe the motion of Sirius. Egyptian priests eventually used these calculations to create the Egyptian calendar .
  3. The astronomical origin of this number has been established beyond any doubt. Man, depending on celestial powers, made of the Earth a subject of Heavens. And so were the planets that antiquity numbered as 7. [DEFINE ANTIQUITY; SEE NO. 15 BELOW. IT IS A REPEAT.] MOVED TO INTRODUCTION
  1. Numbers happen thus in every day's life. We meet them everywhere. They are all important since upon them rest so many mechanisms and phenomena. Some impress us more than others. 13, for example, for some is fearsome. However the most common and the heaviest in meaning AND UNIVERSALITY is : 7 MOVED TO INTRODUCTION
  2. We find it with the Sumerians: The dead had to cross 7 doors in hell; there were 7 planets, 7 days in a week. MOVED TO INTRODUCTION In the Bible, 7 RECURS often: Man must rest on the 7th day; [NOPE, IT WAS GOD THAT RESTED ON THE 7TH DAY. ] SINCE GOD HAS NO NEED TO REST, IT IS PEOPLE THAT REST ON THE 7TH DAY.] MOVED TO JUDAISM
    The gospel of John gives 7 titles to the Lord; in revelation, Jesus addresses himself to the 7 churches. MOVED TO CHRISTIANITY There are 7 capital sins, there are 7 notes in the gamut, 7 colours in the rainbow, etc… In Asia Buddha; achieves the peak of the world by crossing 7 cosmic stages; there are 7 Buddha's of past time, etc…

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