Enough is enough! We are fed up!
Everywhere we turn, we hear and learn how politicians are liars, thieves and corrupt... to the extreme.

We trust them, we vote for them, all in all, they don't give a damn about us and do as they please, getting rich as they can, using expensive means to cheat us, who put them there. So it's our fault after all.

Just yesterday I heard a lady say:
"With the power and our money, the politicians are crushing us".
We have to start thinking about another way of governing.

Poor Lincoln, who said "by the people, for the people and with the people", must be turning in his grave.
For what has become of the people, who are none other than you and me?
The answer is clear: they suffer.

No matter how much I look around the world and try to find some semblance of honesty, I have a hard time.
In the last few days, Canada, the United States, Haiti, France, England, Russia, Italy, not to mention the Arab countries and so on, have had their problems. Sponsorships, dictatorship, espionage, commercial malpractice, terrorism and so many other subjects that make the headlines.

And strangely enough, the world does not even seem to care. We're blasé. We don't care. It doesn't affect us that closely. And besides, what can we do?
And this is our reasoning. Unfortunate but true.
Will we continue to live like this?
Most likely, because nothing on the horizon seems to indicate the contrary.

Do we want to change things?
Yes, the world will say in one voice.
So what do we do?
Who will dare to be the one to bring about this much desired change?

No one lifts a hand and we stay in our train. I think we love the status quo without knowing it. This dear status-quo that has been the life during our generation of millions of Cambodians, Huttus and Tutsis, Bosnians, Tibetans. All these internal wars seen on the spot by the Westerners that we are and that on the field did not make us neither hot nor cold.

Until when," would cry Corneille, "are we going to remain like this, amorphous, without showing our governments how unfair it all is.
When we look at the political parties in the world, we can see that they are
always  two parties that lead the way. The one in power and the other in opposition. And it's each one's turn to govern, each one's turn to get rich and fatten their friends.

Let's take a simple example: the United States of America where Democrats and Republicans take turns in the White House. A few years ago, an independent came to confuse the cards. Some liked him, others less. It seems that this person had something different to offer. But he didn't win because the recognized parties had the power.

What I propose is that everywhere there should be a third person, a third party to offer the public an alternative. This individual must be more intelligent than the other two, by his manner, his words, his program. If the people see in him someone worthy of their vote because he is close to their ideas, their convictions, if the people see in him an extension of themselves, someone who speaks for them, using the right words when necessary, then why not give him a chance. He can't be worse than the others.

The problem is that the others belong to a party that has existed for centuries, with a lobby that could not be stronger, difficult to accommodate. But this is my point of view. We are stuck with the establishment, because the authority in the society is determined to maintain the established order. And this offspring that wants to stand out is there to make a mess of the order.

I believe that I should rather find a thousand and one ways to change the existing system.
Where to start?
Just listen to the people and ask them what they want first instead of offering them what they don't want. Simple example: We don't want a huge defense budget. What for? Why go to war against anyone? Who  wants to hurt us?
Who are we going to war with? We are a neutral and calm country.

This money would be better used for health and education. Talking about education, why not make it free? Like most countries! What’s the use of having a trillion plus of debts accumulated by student who can I pay back?
One must stop for a minute , appreciate what we do wrong and correct it.

Another example: The fortunes spent on space programs and research. Are they so necessary? Will it change our life today? I am afraid not. And yet, planet Mars is on everyone’s lips and some fancy guys dream of going there, knowing it is a one way ticket. Maybe not being a scientist myself, this idea does not  appeal to me. This money would surely be better used in many other fields.

Temporary end

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